Two Wheels? – Too Many!

Indy has been at the leading edge of unicycle design for over three decades. Rider know-how has lead them to deliver the notorious trainer, freestyle and muni series.

Choosing the Right Unicycle for you

Just Starting out?

Indy 12″ Trainer

A unicycle designed for young children. Everything they need to learn the fundamentals of balance and get riding straight away. Quality components and a design that will stand the test of time.
  • Ergonomic Saddle
  • Maximum leg length 24″ (61.5cm)
  • Minimum Leg Length 19.5″ (50cm)
  • Minimum Leg Length (with cut seat post) 18″ (46cm).
  • Chrome Frame
  • Quick Release Clamp

Indy 16″ Trainer

The 16″ Trainer is ideal for bigger kids and smaller adults. A solid, robust design available in four popping colours including Chrome, Black, Red and Green. Stylised plastic pedals, comfortable saddle with integrated bumpers and a tyre with traction for both the road and indoors.
  • Padded seat with grab handle and bumper.
  • Quick release seat adjustment.
  • Machined non twist seat stem.
  • Smooth grip pedals (won’t scratch shins)
  • 16″ x 2.125″ Tyre with schrader valve (suitable for indoor and outdoor use).

Indy 20″ Trainer

The most popular model for teenage and adult riders. A versatile wheel size that lends itself to slow and mid-speed riding. Agile, light and dynamic riding experience. Comfortable saddle, solid construction and adjustable seat height for riders of all sizes.
  • Max weight: 200 lbs / 90 kgs
  • Max seat height: 87cm / 34.25″
  • Min seat height: 73cm / 28.5″
  • Min seat height with cut stem: 60cm / 23.5″
  • Ergonomic saddle with integrated bumper
  • Quick release saddle.
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24″ Trainer Unicycle

The 24″ Indy Trainer is an ideal adult unicycle for covering moderate distance and light commuting. It is light, agile and thanks to its innovative saddle design offers a comfortable ride for longer rides. Each model is supplied with a robust road tyre which will give riders the traction they need. A carefully selected crank ratio has been used to give the best compromise between speed/energy/idling, but this can be altered with other Indy components.
  • Max weight: 200 lbs / 90 kgs
  • Max seat height: 95cm
  • Min seat height: 83cm
  • Min seat height with cut stem: 70cm
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Freestyle / Trick Riding

Indy 20″ Freestyle

The Indy Freestyle comes with one main feature which is normally only found on unicycles with price tags well over £100. Namely the ‘splined cranks’ (known as ISIS cranks). This a system where the hub has teeth which fit into corresponding teeth on the inside of each crank arm.
What does this mean?
As well as being an ideal trainer uni for total beginners, this allows the Indy Freestyle to do some serious bunny hopping. The flat topped forks have low wheel clearance which makes it easier to learn flatland freestyle moves. The extra tough double walled aluminium alloy rims keep the weight down and the alloy BMX pedals give excellent grip. This all adds up to a strong, lightweight trainer you won’t grow out of as soon as you want to start trying tricks.
  • Tough splined 127mm ISIS cranks.
  • Flat topped low clearance forks(good for frame stands and flat land freestyle).
  • Machined anti twist 300mm seat post with quick release seat clamp.
  • Indy saddle with Black bumper and grab handle.
  • 36 Spoke wheel with double walled aluminium alloy rims with 20″ x 1.95″ freestyle tyre (black).
  • Alloy VP505 studded bmx pedals.
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Indy Trials / Muni

This is the Trials unicycle from Indy. We are rather excited about this one. This latest addition to the Indy range is a trials model which is tricked out to the max.

Equiped with splined ISIS hub and cranks, DX style metal pedals, new CroMo frame, Velo low profile saddle, and Maxxis creepy crawler tyre. This model delivers performance way beyond it’s price tag. With several features only usually found on trials models which retail closer to £200, the Indy trials offers amazing value for money and is suitable for both adult and teen riders.
Available in Matt Black and Neon Green.

  • Black Cromo forks with flat topped crown.
  • ISIS hub for extra strength.
  • Black 125mm ISIS cranks.
  • DX style pedals.
  • Low profile Black Velo seat with grab handle.
  • 36 spoke wheel with 19″ alloy double-walled rim with spoke eyelets.
  • Lightweight 20×2.5″ Maxxis Creepy Crawler tyre.
  • Black double-bolted seat clamp.
  • 280mm long 25.4mm diam. aluminium seatpost.
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The Indy brand is owned by JWS Europe LTD. Please contact [email protected] for further enquiries